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Increase Latex Resolution in Anki

If you have a display with a high pixel density, such as a “retina” MacBook Pro, the default LaTeX images generated by Anki look blurry. This is possible to change. The information on how to do so is a bit scattered on the web, so I decided to put together this short guide. We will go through the following steps. Install an add-on that lets us modify the LaTeX configuration. Read more →

To Lecture or Not to Lecture: A Letter to Professors

Dear professors, I recently returned to university after working for almost five years. While I’m largely happy to be back, I was surprised to find no noticeable change in your teaching methods. I would have expected ideas like the flipped classroom to take hold in the intervening years. I believe that with improved methods, I could learn more, spend less time studying, or some combination of the two. Furthermore, I believe that the same applies to your teaching efforts: You could achieve more and/or spend less time. Read more →

Partial Common Ownership: An Example

On Friday 2018-07-27, A-magasinet – Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten’s weekly magazine – printed an article titled Topsoil or millionaire? (The article is in Norwegian and behind a paywall.) It tells the story of farmer Ingjerd Loe’s fight with Bane Nor, the state-owned company responsible for national railway infrastructure. Bane Nor wants to build a new railway on Loe’s property, and developers want to build housing. She doesn’t want to sell her land even though it could be worth hundreds of millions of Norwegian crowns. Read more →

Rules for Eating and Drinking

I have a few rules for eating and drinking in order to prevent overeating, increase enjoyment, be more concentrated while working and ensure that I’m at my best the next day. Not to say that I always manage to abide by them – but when I do, I’m better off. Be present When you eat, eat. And when you drink, drink. Don’t read, text, watch a movie or work at the same time. Read more →

The Merit Party

I was once involved in politics. I left mostly because of the tiring nature of the political game and the lack of truth-seeking. Since then, I’ve become increasingly frustrated with how vapidly and evasively most politicians speak. The lack of in my view good parties has also frustrated me. Finally, I’ve been thinking that we should elect some sensible people rather than the hodgepodge of people and positions that parties today represent. Read more →