Preventing Sunday blues

I tend to get a bit down on Sundays.


I've identified the following causes:

  1. Hangovers: If I drink too much Saturday night, my brain doesn't work properly on Sunday. I struggle with being productive and even just consuming entertainment, making the day feel pointless. If the preceding party ended in a less-than-ideal manner, that doesn't help, either.
  2. Loneliness: I often have plans on Friday and Saturday, but none on Sunday.
  3. Dreading work: After Sunday comes Monday. If I'm not looking forward to work, I can let it cloud my Sunday.


The fixes below seem obvious in hindsight, but they've taken me some time to find.

  1. Drink less on Saturday: Pretty obvious.
  2. Make plans with someone: I mostly arrange to meet in a coffee shop around midday. That way, I'm less lonely and have a reason to leave go outside. Many sleep in on Sunday, so it's best to make plans on Saturday or earlier, leading to less wasted time when Sunday comes.
  3. Do something productive: E.g. start on Monday's work, or work on some hobby. Today, I'm writing this.

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