Preventing Sunday blues

I tend to get Sunday blues unless I'm a bit proactive.

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Flowcharts in plain text with DOT

Want to make flowcharts in plain text? This is how.

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Increase Latex Resolution in Anki

If you have a display with a high pixel density, such as a "retina" MacBook Pro, the default LaTeX images generated by Anki look blurry. This is possible to change. The information on how to do so is a bit scattered on the web, so I decided to put together …

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Partial Common Ownership: An Example

Tractor on a field

On Friday 2018-07-27, A-magasinet – Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten's weekly magazine – printed an article titled Topsoil or millionaire? (The article is in Norwegian and behind a paywall.)

It tells the story of farmer Ingjerd Loe's fight with Bane Nor, the state-owned company responsible for national railway infrastructure. Bane Nor wants to build …

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Rules for Eating and Drinking

I have a few rules for eating and drinking in order to prevent overeating, increase enjoyment, be more concentrated and ensure that I'm at my best the next day.

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The Merit Party

I was once involved in politics. I left mostly because of the tiring nature of the political game and the lack of truth-seeking.

Since then, I've become increasingly frustrated with how vapidly and evasively most politicians speak. The lack of in my view good parties has also frustrated me. Finally …

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The Tyranny of Metrics by Jerry Z. Muller

I have to admit, I was a bit dismayed by history professor Jerry Z. Muller's new book The Tyranny of Metrics. A big believer in using numbers for analysis, I didn't like seeing such a solid argument for why we should be more careful before deploying metrics to improve organisation …

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Philip Tetlock's Alpha Pundit Challenge


In 2015, Philip Tetlock (of Superforecasting fame) asked the Open Philanthropy Project to fund two projects, one of which was called the Alpha Pundit Challenge:

"[The “Alpha Pundit Challenge”] would systematically convert vague predictions made by prominent pundits into explicit numerical forecasts. Both of these projects are in the …

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Ideas to improve the measurement of surgeon skill

In Britain, "[a]t least one in three heart surgeons has refused to treat critically ill patients because they are worried it will affect their mortality ratings if things go wrong" (Knapton, 2016).

Ideas for improvement

Because heart surgeons' success rates are published, they have an incentive to avoid treating …

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