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Date Title
2024-03-30 The Simple Logic of a Land Value Tax
2021-08-22 What is measurement?
2021-02-25 Being a workplace crusader
2021-01-31 New website
2020-07-30 List formats
2020-07-15 Prediction Scorer REST API
2020-07-14 Python Prediction Scorer v1.0.0
2020-05-24 Python Prediction Scorer v0.3.0
2020-04-23 Modular empirical science
2020-04-16 Empiricast post mortem
2020-03-24 Why We Sleep: a tale of institutional failure
2019-08-27 How to write a paper
2019-08-08 Aumann’s agreement theorem
2019-08-07 Scientific improvement of decision-making and risk management
2019-08-06 The rise of the car-free city
2019-08-01 Free Solo: Ambition and conflicts of interest
2019-07-17 Rejection > regret
2019-07-14 Aligning incentives with income share agreements
2019-07-14 The Monty Hall Problem
2019-07-13 Akira the Don: Meaningwave