Denne siden finnes også på norsk.

What is a “now page”?

I am currently the Chief Product Officer at Optio. We help companies share ownership with employees in order to align incentives and become more of a team. In addition to my product management work, I also work on strategy and internal processes, facilitation and sharing of insights.

In my spare time, I do some consulting for Entrepedia. Entrepedia helps entrepreneurs in Norway build better companies.

I am improving my knowledge management with zettelkasten. I used Roam Research, but I switched to Zettlr for its simplicity, performance and portability.

I have also recently gotten into plain text accounting using hledger.

In other news, I am puzzled by and frustrated with the COVID measures that are in place in Oslo. I am convinced that the negative consequences of the measures are far greater than the positive ones, and that there are far better ways of dealing with the pandemic.